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Latin American Crude Oil Exports:
The Battle for Market Share

Facing growing competition for a shrinking US market, Latin American crude oil producers are being forced to seek new export markets. As Asian energy demand continues to grow, crude oil flows from Latin America are increasingly moving east rather than north. However, tapping markets outside of the United States also brings a new set of challenges.

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Local Conflicts and Natural Resources:
A Balancing Act for Latin American Governments

Conflicts over energy and natural resources are leading to social turmoil and posing serious challenges for investment projects all over Latin America. To better manage such conflicts, Latin American governments must step up their involvement in the consultation process and communicate more effectively with local communities about potential social, environmental and economic impacts, according to a new report by the Inter-American Dialogue.

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Energy in Central America and the Caribbean

Photos by Larry Luxner

High electricity costs are a critical impediment to economic growth and competitiveness in Central America and the Caribbean, but efforts to expand energy integration and increase the use of new energy sources are advancing, according to a panel at the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington. To read more about the event, click here.


The Energy, Climate Change and Extractive Industries Program seeks to improve understanding and communication on energy policy issues in Latin America through research, public events and roundtable discussions.  By producing balanced analysis and convening policymakers, corporate leaders and industry experts, the program informs and shapes policies that promote investment while encouraging economically, socially and environmentally responsible development of natural resources.


Lisa Viscidi, Program Director
Genaro Arriagada, Non-Resident Senior Fellow
Rebecca O'Connor, Program Assistant

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